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Sunday Roast 
is Back

Pig's Signature Sunday Roast will be back on 26th Nov 2023. Please pre-book your Sunday Roast by making a reservation.

** Reservation is Required


Pig N Whistle


EST. | 2017

160 Changi Road #01-08

Singapore 419728

Open 7 days a week

From 5pm to Midnight

Sunday Brunch

11am to 2pm

Pets Welcome

Outdoor seating

Parking on Changi Road



Or Simply Call Us at
+65 6969 9811

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Welcome to Singapore’s #1 British Experience! “Pig N Whistle” is a neighbourhood pub, where we have taken "Mother's Homemade" recipes for all of 'Menu" items and perfecting them over many months, to bring our customers truly amazing traditional British foods, which are all full of flavour.  We price all of our products very competitively, as we do not believe in overcharging just because we take time and care, to make our foods naturally flavoursome. 


Our "Beer Battered Fish N Chips", (where we adapted mothers recipe) has a crispy bite and juicy flesh, from the first mouthful to the last and we only use wild caught Hoki fish from New Zealand's clean waters.   

Our Bangers and Mash, where we have a local specialist butcher make the full flavoured sausages, and we make the mashed potatoes fresh from "Russet" potatoes.

Our "Steak N Ale Pie" filling, takes many hours to slow cook, to ensure that each pie is packed with flavour.


Our "Burger patty" is hand made with gentle care, and includes 15 all natural ingredients to give a sensational flavoured burger, and by hand making, we can ensure a juicy burger with every bite.

Our "Pork Chop" is "Bone in Free Range" from Australia, where the pigs roam 10,000 acres, ensuring that the meat is never tough, and is cooked, using our special techniques, to ensure that the pork is juicy to the last bite.

We are now also open for "Full English Breakfast" and more, on Sundays, from 11am until 2pm.

We personally import all of the British Craft Beers and Ciders, with exception to the draught Guinness and bottled Heineken.  

Like any great British Pub, we have plenty of specialty cocktails and fantastic spirits on offer. 

Selected food and beverage items change with the seasons, so check out our menus to find out what we are currently offering and come experience our cozy British atmosphere.  

So, whether you want to enjoy our old British recipe foods, drink a pint of our craft beer and cider, or just enjoy time with friends, Pig N Whistle is the place to be, and bring your pet too.

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